What Do You Need For Nursing School?: 20 Must-Haves

Starting nursing school can feel scary because your life is changing drastically with this new experience. However, knowing you have everything you need for nursing school can help put your mind at ease. Read on for all the must-haves and supplies you need for your nursing degree program, including for the classroom, clinical settings, and … Keep Reading

How Hard Is Nursing School? 6 Things To Know

Is nursing school hard? Yes. Nursing degree programs, such as pre-licensure BSN programs, have rigorous curriculums that prepare you to take care of others and think critically about patient situations that require specialized expertise. When you become a registered nurse, you’ll help people during their worst times. You may witness people pass away unexpectedly, but … Keep Reading

Aspen’s Online DNP Program Among the Nation’s Best for 2022

Are you thinking about pursuing your DNP? As one of the highest degrees a nurse can earn, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) can open up leadership and high-level opportunities for your career across clinical and academic areas—and Aspen University is one of the best choices for your doctoral goals this year. Aspen is proud … Keep Reading

5 Tips for Taking Online Nursing Classes

Are you considering hybrid or online nursing classes? You’re in luck! Technological advances have made it easy for students to complete online degree programs from anywhere in the world. In 2020, an estimated 84% of new undergraduate students enrolled in online degree programs, and 16% in certification or licensure. The unique flexibility that virtual classes … Keep Reading

How to Become an Online Nursing Instructor

Teaching nursing students from the comfort of your home can be an excellent way to take your nursing career in a new direction. But how can you find a job as an online nursing instructor or educator? What kind of responsibilities does a nurse educator have? As more and more nurses transition to remote nursing … Keep Reading

6 Tips for a Successful DNP Project

A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal degree that prepares registered nurses to perform at the highest level of nursing practice. A significant part of the DNP program includes a project and practicum that allows doctoral candidates to implement an evidence-based practice change in a healthcare facility. Coming at a critical point in … Keep Reading

10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting Nursing School

Congratulations on your decision to become a registered nurse! While this is an essential first step to landing your dream healthcare job, there are many things you should know before you begin your studies and start your nursing journey. Now is a great time to manage your expectations about your pre-licensure and nursing school demands … Keep Reading

5 Ways a DNP Degree Can Change Your Career

There are many routes nurses can take for advancing their careers, and obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is one of the highest educational paths to venture. The terminal degree is an excellent choice for those who wish to specialize in roles beyond traditional ones and pursue leadership in nursing practice or advanced clinical … Keep Reading

COVID-19 Update and FAQs

New Notice: 3/15/22  At this time, adjustments in safety protocols for the following Aspen University locations are being made:   1660 S. Albion St. Suite 225  Denver CO 80222 4605 E. Elwood St. Suite 300 and 100   Phoenix AZ 85040 4615 E. Elwood St. Suite 100  Phoenix AZ 85040 19602 North 23rd Ave. (HonorHealth)  Phoenix AZ … Keep Reading