Relevant Institutional Data

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Students (CY2022 Jan – Dec)

    • Ethnicity Demographics



    • Gender Demographics


    • Age Demographics


    • For additional data at the program level (programs with more than 25 students), CLICK HERE
  • Faculty and Staff (CY2022 Jan – Dec)

    • Full-time Faculty Demographics   


    • Adjunct Faculty Demographics


    • Administration and Staff


Assessment of Student Learning

  • University Level Outcomes (Period A: September 2022 – February 2023)

The five University Mission-Based Outcomes (UMBOs) are the highest level learning outcomes at Aspen. Achievement is measured in the core courses of all programs through UMBO alignment in signature assignment rubrics that are scored by faculty. The University Assessment Committee identified the Learning Achievement Targets (LATs) for UMBOs as a key indicator that Aspen is effectively carrying out its mission and meeting the Academic Achievement Goal. The LAT is 85% of Graduate program students will Meet plus Exceed Expectations and 80% of Undergraduate program students will Meet plus Exceed Expectations for each of the five UMBOs.