Learn how Aspen University is responding to COVID-19.

RN to BSN Resume Refresh Tips

As a healthcare professional and RN working towards your BSN, your nursing career needs to keep moving forward, even as your education continues. You may be working per diem or part-time — if not full time — as you pursue your bachelor’s, and you doubtless have bills to pay and mouths to feed. In other … Keep Reading

7 Ways COVID-19 Will Change The Future Of The Nursing For The Better

Please enjoy this guest post about the future of nursing from Sarah Jividen of Mother Nurse Love: In 2020, COVID-19 hit the US with a force that brought unprecedented changes within the nursing profession. Not since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 – that sickened ⅓ of the entire world’s population over the course of … Keep Reading

So You Want an MSN in Nursing Administration?

Nurse administrators draw from a blend of nursing, business, and leadership skills. Education levels, titles, and settings for nurse administrators may vary, but generally, they often oversee the nursing staff, patients, and administrative duties.  Many nurses move into management or leadership roles with little to no experience. Some may have the misconception that working in … Keep Reading

Why It’s Still The Best Time For Nursing School

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight the importance of educating and growing the nursing workforce.  Here are seven reasons why it is still the best time for nursing school. Nursing is the #1 most trusted profession in America, and that won’t change any time soon.  For the past 18 years, nurses have been the most … Keep Reading

4 Ways To Stay Competitive Throughout Your Nursing Career 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for RN’s is growing 12% faster than average. There might be plenty of nursing opportunities available, but it’s crucial to ensure you’re maintaining — or striving toward — one that matches your career goals.  The demand for nurses could be unevenly distributed across geographic … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With An MSN In Nursing Education?

Nurses decide to advance their education for many reasons. An increase in income, more job opportunities, and personal achievement are just a few. If you are considering advancing your education, consider pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Education. While the nursing shortage continues, qualified and credentialed nurse educators are needed. In addition … Keep Reading

5 Ways Home Health Care Nursing Has Changed Since The COVID-19 Outbreak

As long term care facilities and hospitals fight COVID-19 and care for patients, there is another group of frontline workers providing essential care–home health care workers. Every day, hundreds of thousands of home health care (HHC) workers go into homes to provide vital services for our seniors, homebound, and disabled neighbors. Home health nurses provide … Keep Reading

In Conversation: Dr. Renee Thompson of Healthy Workforce Institute on Nurse Bullying

What is nurse bullying? How is that different from incivility? Aspen University’s Sam Boone sat down with Dr. Renee Thompson, founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, an organization that works to “eradicate workplace bullying and incivility.” We cover various ways to recognize and remediate nurse bullying, the differences between bullying and incivility, and how leaders … Keep Reading

Ed.D. vs. Ph.D. Guide

This guide will help break down the details of Ed.D. vs. Ph.D., so you can choose the degree program that is right for you.  The number of doctoral degree holders is on the rise. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Attainment in the United States: 2018, since 2000, the number of people ages 25 … Keep Reading

Jenny Erkfitz A Part of Selection Committee for AACN Digital Bootcamp

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) announced that 35 nursing faculty from across the nation have been selected to participate in the 2019 AACN-Apple Digital Innovation Bootcamp: From Content to Action, held June 24-27 in Austin, Texas. Aspen’s RN to BSN Program Director, Jenny Erkfitz, was one of the members of the Selection Committee for the … Keep Reading