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Alumni Spotlight: Tammy A. Prioritizes Patient Safety and Quality Care

This past holiday season, a Nashville nurse sand bedside Christmas carols with a patient undergoing chemotherapy. Similarly, a patient in an Atlanta hospital was given a flash-mob style “Backstreet Boys” concert by a team of nurses who knew that the patient had planned to see the actual BSB, but due to her diagnosis was no … Keep Reading

In Conversation: Dr. Renee Thompson of Healthy Workforce Institute on Nurse Bullying

Aspen University’s Sam Boone sat down with Dr. Renee Thompson, founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, an organization that works to “eradicate workplace bullying and incivility.” We cover various ways to recognize and remediate nurse bullying, the differences between bullying and incivility, and how leaders can initiate change.        Sam Boone (SB): Thank … Keep Reading

COVID-19 Update and FAQs

To Our Aspen Community: As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered many of our daily lives.  Our hearts are with everyone around the world who has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and we are unbelievably appreciative of all who are working hard to keep our communities healthy and safe — many of … Keep Reading

Overcoming Communication Hurdles in Nursing and Healthcare

Please enjoy this guest post from Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC of Nurse Keith:  Communication in nursing, medicine, and healthcare aren’t necessarily rocket science. Still, based on the roadblocks and speed bumps that lack of communication skills can cause, you would not be remiss in thinking that landing a rocket on Mars may seem like … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Carol’s Second Act? RN to BSN!

Sixty-four years young, Carol G. is an energetic and self-described “chatty Cathy” who recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of earning her BSN.  It was a long time coming. Carol started her nursing career in 1976 after graduating with an ADN from Wallace Community College in Dothan, Alabama. She fulfilled various nursing positions, including direct patient … Keep Reading

What Nurses Can Expect When Returning To School

Please enjoy this guest post from Sarah Jividen of Mother Nurse Love: Attending nursing school, whether it be as an aspiring RN or returning to school after working for years, can be intimidating or even downright scary.   The good news is that with the nursing school program options available today, advancing your education has never … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Brenda O.’s Recipe for Living Your Best Life

Brenda’s Recipe for Nurse Educator Success: First, take a scoop of passion for nursing and fold in a desire to teach. Add a touch of fastidiousness, and drizzle in some curiosity. Mix well with hard work and a yearning for beauty. The secret ingredient is life-long learning — I chose Aspen University for my MSN. … Keep Reading

UPDATED: Public Health Nurse vs. Community Health Nurse

With the help of Aspen University’s Assistant Dean of Nursing, Dr. Marcos Gayol, we break down the important differences between the two nursing roles.    History of Public Health Nursing Public health nursing began in the mid-1800s in England when Florence Nightingale trained nurses in the district nursing concept. Nurses were assigned and responsible for the … Keep Reading

Insurance RN Case Manager: A Day In The Life

Ranging from hospital-based roles to outpatient clinics to hospice to insurance companies, nurses today have more professional options than ever before.  I have held healthcare-related positions for over 35 years and served as a registered nurse for over 20 years. I have worked in both in-patient and outpatient health care.  In 2009, I chose to … Keep Reading

Nurses Who Prosper at Aspen and Beyond Use These 3 Skills

Nurses Who Prosper at Aspen and Beyond Use These 3 Skills Aspen nurses are people who, like yourself, lead busy lives often juggling full-time jobs and family responsibilities. Challenges come with a hectic schedule and time spent in education should leave you with skills that will help you in your everyday life. Here are 3 … Keep Reading