INSIDE: BUS530 Marketing Management

We took a deep dive into one of our most popular classes — Marketing Management course. 

BUS530 Marketing Management


Master of Business Administration – Finance 
Master of Business Administration – Information Management
Master of Business Administration – Project Management

Marketing is not just about advertising and promotion, it’s also about the product, price, and place/distribution. Companies and not-for-profit organizations cannot survive today by simply doing a good job in marketing management. This course pulls together specialized models, tools, and processes from the manager’s perspective, who is responsible for implementing a coordinated marketing plan. 

Values matter in marketing. Many studies demonstrate that the key to profitable performance is knowing and satisfying target customers with competitively superior offers. This process takes place today in an increasingly global, technical, and competitive environment.

The BUS530 course can be seen as two parts:

  • The first part of the course focuses on situation analysis (5Cs: company, customers, competitors, collaborators, and context), market opportunity identification, and formulating a marketing strategy.  
  • The second part of the course examines how to use key marketing constructs/ideas to make specific decisions about the marketing mix (4Ps: product, price, promotion, and place). 

Marketing management is a conscious effort to achieve desired exchange outcomes with target markets. The marketer’s basic skill lies in influencing the level, timing, and composition of demand for a product, service, organization, place, person, idea, or some form of information.

Ethical marketing, or a lack thereof, could decide the future of your business.

Throughout the marketing management course, students will be required to do weekly assignments and discussion postings and will end the course doing a Signature Assignment.  

BUS530 has a Signature Assignment that is unique and interesting and requires students to use what they have learned throughout the course for completion. A serious assignment that will surely test students’ knowledge of Marketing Management.    

Required Books

Arguably, if you want to know if a course will be good, check out its textbook. If it is rich in material and written by leaders in the field, chances are the course will be quite worthwhile. Students taking BUS530 are in good shape on both counts. 

Kotler is a very well-respected, well-known marketing expert and the author of Marketing Management, the seminal graduate-level marketing textbook, and the textbook for BUS530. He is the author of more than 55 books on marketing themes as well as a writer of over 50 books on other various managerial, economic and social themes.

Besides having a marketing authority as the author of their textbook, students will be introduced to and immersed in a wide variety of highly fascinating topics in BUS530. The textbook chapters are great reads, easy for the non-marketer to understand, and filled with examples, illustrations, and cases that hammer home the points. If there is such a thing as a brilliant textbook, Marketing Management by Kotler is it.  

Strap yourself in, you’re in for a serious ride…but an enjoyable and valuable one for sure. 

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