Alumni Spotlight: David, MBA, “One day you will grow up to help people”

David Gibson, MBA

David Gibson graduated with his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in November 2022 and went on to earn his MBA, specializing in Project Management, in April 2024.  Using the flexibility and discipline learned during his time in the Navy, David was able to persevere through his programs and succeed.  Keep reading for more of his story.


My adventure started in the US Navy, where I gained flexibility, discipline, and teamwork skills. Serving my country developed a strong work ethic and a strong commitment to goals, especially when faced with adversity. While I did not have the financial means to pursue a college degree straight out of high school like many of my peers, I added it to my bucket list to cross off someday.

Twenty-seven years after leaving high school, I was finally in a place to re-evaluate going back to school to improve my value in the workplace and show my then middle school-aged son the importance of education. With support from my family and employer, I can now proudly say I completed my bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree! I graduated in 2022 from Aspen University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and finished my MBA focusing on Project Management in April 2024. My next step will be enrolling in the Aspen University Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning with a specialization in Organizational Leadership.

As a business development manager, I oversee creative endeavors, strategic alliances, and forward-thinking teamwork that promotes growth and profitability. I blend results-driven methodology, dynamic relationship-building, and market insights. Many of these skills have been a direct result of implementing the education I received while attending classes with Aspen. The faculty is top-notch, and the instructors are some of the best. Their ability to link learning materials to things in your life to make that “connection” is vital for learning, and Aspen instructors in the School of Business and Technology have been amazing for me.

A special shout out to the Dean, Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, who always pushed me to achieve more. I couldn’t have done it without your help, Dr. Z.


David shows us that through hard work, anything is possible, even earning multiple degrees! Those skills learned helped propel David’s career forward.  If you are ready to pursue a business degree at Aspen University, visit the School of Business and Technology page for more information. 

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