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Meet Our Faculty: Robert Campbell

Aspen invites you to meet our faculty!  Ocean-lover Robert Campbell is an avid reader and grandfather to 19 — you read that right. 19!!! — who lives for the “aha” moments when doctoral students complete their research.  What is your name? Dr. Robert Campbell, Ed.D.  Where are you from? Currently, I live in Goodyear, AZ. … Keep Reading

INSIDE: MED705 – Research on Effective Teaching

We took a deep dive into one of Aspen’s most popular courses. Title of course: MED705 – Research on Effective Teaching Programs: Master of Education Specializations:  Transformational Leadership eLearning Pedagogy Educational Technology Curriculum Development and Outcomes Assessment Start the process of researching advanced best practices in education today and putting those practices into action!  Research … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With An MSN In Nursing Education?

Nurses decide to advance their education for many reasons. An increase in income, more job opportunities, and personal achievement are just a few. If you are considering advancing your education, consider pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Education. While the nursing shortage continues, qualified and credentialed nurse educators are needed. In addition … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Peter B. “Even If It Takes 10 Years”

Please enjoy this inspiring personal essay from nurse educator Peter Brooks — who earned his Doctorate of Education from Aspen University while traveling to 20 countries on seven continents! Peter’s aunt gave him some great advice when he was just starting his higher education journey that still rings true today.    My educational journey has … Keep Reading

INSIDE: EDD830 Leadership Theory

We took a deep dive into one of Aspen’s most popular courses. Title of course: EDD830: Leadership Theory Programs:  Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning with a specialization in Health Care Administration and Leadership Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning with a specialization in Higher Education Leadership Doctor of Education in Leadership and … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Brenda O.’s Recipe for Living Your Best Life

Brenda’s Recipe for Nurse Educator Success: First, take a scoop of passion for nursing and fold in a desire to teach. Add a touch of fastidiousness, and drizzle in some curiosity. Mix well with hard work and a yearning for beauty. The secret ingredient is life-long learning — I chose Aspen University for my MSN. … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Brooke C., EdD, the Principled (Assistant) Principal

The Principled (Assistant) Principal Brooke C., Ed.D,  Education Leadership and Learning “We discussed issues in academia, examined how challenges and opportunities manifested within our institutions and studied the best practices for leadership behavior.” “I want to help others grow. I want to develop my leadership skills, so I can help others achieve their potential. It … Keep Reading

Ed.D. vs. Ph.D. Guide

This guide will help break down the details of Ed.D. vs. Ph.D., so you can choose the degree program that is right for you.  The number of doctoral degree holders is on the rise. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Attainment in the United States: 2018, since 2000, the number of people ages 25 … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Mary A., MEd Technology, Growing the Paramedic Network

Aspen alumna, Mary A. — a 2017 graduate of Aspen’s Master of Education program — knows that the future of academia lies online. Mary started her career in critical care transport nursing, paramedicine, and education. She saw a need for educational specialists within the field of paramedicine. “I wanted to assist practitioners with their educational … Keep Reading