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We took a deep dive into one of Aspen’s most popular courses.

Title of course: N560 Forensic Nursing
Programs: MSN in Forensic Nursing; RN to MSN in Forensic Nursing

Forensic nurses play the bridge between medical and legal components. The Forensic Nursing specialty has evolved in part from society’s need to reduce and prevent interpersonal violence and criminal behavior. 

N560 provides an overview of the many facets and roles within forensic nursing in both healthcare and non-traditional settings. This course builds a framework around bridging the gaps between medical/forensic information, law enforcement/investigative agencies, and the criminal justice system. Students learn how to identify, assess, evaluate, and document injuries through a forensic lens, as well as how to critically think like a forensic scientist.

Several practical projects give students an opportunity to apply concepts learned to actual forensic cases. Innovative assignments include creating and photographing a hypothetical crime scene, researching sudden death, and responding in a disaster.

This course provides all the foundational tools needed to ignite a passion for your Forensic Nursing specialization!

Required Books

Use our comprehensive RN to Forensic Nurse: Forensic Nursing Guide to learn all about the forensic nursing industry, or check in with some of our forensic nurse Alumni (Heather W. & Tamara N.


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