Alumni Spotlight: Erin, MSN, “I Plan to Continue Learning and Growing”

Today, we’re featuring one of Aspen’s MSN alumni, Erin Torp.  Erin graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing program with a specialization in Nursing Education.  Erin was able to use her MSN Nursing Education degree to launch a career educating future nurses.  Keep reading to experience Erin’s journey.     “I grew up in … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Michael, DNP, “Transcend Traditional Boundaries”

Today, we’re sharing Michael Gyekye’s story.  Michael attended Aspen University both for his MSN Nursing Education degree and his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which he completed in August 2022.  Michael’s journey shows that you can overcome obstacles, including distance, throughout your educational journey.  Keep reading for Michael’s story.   “Education serves as a transformative … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Marina, MSN, “An Educational Path is Not Always Linear”

Today, we’re sharing Marina Jelen’s story.  Marina is a recent graduate of Aspen University’s MSN Administration and Management program, who overcame her fears and showed that it’s never too late to keep learning. Marina is a mother, an immigrant, and learned English as a second language. Here is her story.   “By the time you … Keep Reading

How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

Nursing school is an investment in your future. Although it eventually pays for itself with a fulfilling nursing career,  it can be challenging during the initial stages, especially when it comes to finances. One of the concerns that future nurses have in common is how much does nursing school cost? There is no single, clear … Keep Reading

How Long Is Nursing School?: Your Quick Guide

So, you want to become a registered nurse? The first step on your journey is to finish a nursing program. Through classroom and clinical training, nursing school teaches you the essential skills you’ll need for the role and to care for patients. But how long is nursing school? The path you take to become a … Keep Reading

How To Get Into Nursing School: Your Five-Step Guide

Nursing is a respected and trusted profession. In fact, nursing ranked as the most trusted profession for the 20th year in a row in 2022. If you’re considering a career as a nurse, there are many opportunities across various roles, and kickstarting your nursing education is an essential first step for your career path. But … Keep Reading

2021 Wrap-Up: Amazing Year of Growth at Aspen University

As we kick off 2022, we can’t wait for the new beginnings and achievements this year has in store for Aspen University and our students. But with New Year’s resolutions and goals all on our minds, we also wanted to look back on the amazing milestones the Aspen community reached in 2021. This past year … Keep Reading

5 Tips for Taking Online Nursing Classes

Are you considering hybrid or online nursing classes? You’re in luck! Technological advances have made it easy for students to complete online degree programs from anywhere in the world. In 2020, an estimated 84% of new undergraduate students enrolled in online degree programs, and 16% in certification or licensure. The unique flexibility that virtual classes … Keep Reading

How to Become an Online Nursing Instructor

Teaching nursing students from the comfort of your home can be an excellent way to take your nursing career in a new direction. But how can you find a job as an online nursing instructor or educator? What kind of responsibilities does a nurse educator have? As more and more nurses transition to remote nursing … Keep Reading