Learn how Aspen University is responding to COVID-19.

In Conversation: Dr. Renee Thompson of Healthy Workforce Institute on Nurse Bullying

Aspen University’s Sam Boone sat down with Dr. Renee Thompson, founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, an organization that works to “eradicate workplace bullying and incivility.” We cover various ways to recognize and remediate nurse bullying, the differences between bullying and incivility, and how leaders can initiate change.        Sam Boone (SB): Thank … Keep Reading

COVID-19 Update and FAQs

To Our Aspen Community: As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered many of our daily lives.  Our hearts are with everyone around the world who has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and we are unbelievably appreciative of all who are working hard to keep our communities healthy and safe — many of … Keep Reading

Overcoming Communication Hurdles in Nursing and Healthcare

Please enjoy this guest post from Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC of Nurse Keith:  Communication in nursing, medicine, and healthcare aren’t necessarily rocket science. Still, based on the roadblocks and speed bumps that lack of communication skills can cause, you would not be remiss in thinking that landing a rocket on Mars may seem like … Keep Reading

What Nurses Can Expect When Returning To School

Please enjoy this guest post from Sarah Jividen of Mother Nurse Love: Attending nursing school, whether it be as an aspiring RN or returning to school after working for years, can be intimidating or even downright scary.   The good news is that with the nursing school program options available today, advancing your education has never … Keep Reading

Introducing Aspen’s New Assistant Director of Student Services!

We are excited to announce that Jessica Peters as the new Assistant Director of Student Services!  As the Assistant Director of Student Services, Jessica will serve as luminary to a group of gifted and conscientious advisors who guide students from their first class to graduation. “I started working at Aspen as an Academic Advisor 5 … Keep Reading

Greg in Student Services: Reflection and Determination

Dear Aspen students, alumni, faculty, and friends, As you enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones, please take a moment to reflect on how your determination to earn your degree will not only help improve your life, but also the lives of those around you.  Reflect on how your hard work can inspire them … Keep Reading

Nurses Who Prosper at Aspen and Beyond Use These 3 Skills

Nurses Who Prosper at Aspen and Beyond Use These 3 Skills Aspen nurses are people who, like yourself, lead busy lives often juggling full-time jobs and family responsibilities. Challenges come with a hectic schedule and time spent in education should leave you with skills that will help you in your everyday life. Here are 3 … Keep Reading

The 50/10 Rule: Make Your Study Break Count

Study fatigue — mental tiredness leading to lower focus levels — can be tough to manage! You can keep yourself on track, using the 50/10 Rule. What is the 50/10 Rule? For every 50 minutes spent focusing on studying or working, allow yourself a 10-minute break. Building in a 10-minute break into every hour will … Keep Reading

Advice for New Students

We asked readers, “What advice would you give to a new student?” Here are a few of the responses we received: “Do not get overwhelmed and discouraged when you first start. It looks daunting, but with a little organization and hard work, you can achieve your goals. One week at a time!” “Find a quiet … Keep Reading

Greg in Student Services: New Year New Goals

Dear Aspen students, alumni, faculty, and friends, At Aspen University, our students (and alumni) come from all walks of life. One commonality that connects every student is the inherent desire to improve their lives and the perseverance to do so. With a new year upon us, I urge all of you to continue setting goals … Keep Reading