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FAQs: MSN Capstone

We know pursuing your MSN can be stressful, and we get a lot of questions about the MSN Capstone. Don’t worry! Here’s everything you need to know. What is a Capstone project?  The Capstone is an individualized research project on a nursing topic of your professional or personal interest. Capstones provide you the opportunity to … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Cummings Is Leading a New Generation of Nurses

After experiencing an academic defeat, Jennifer set aside her self-doubt from the past and pushed herself to go back to school for her MSN at the age of 56. She graduated in 2019 with a specialization in Administration and Management, which allowed her to begin her next journey of mentoring new nurses. Here’s her story. … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With An MSN In Forensic Nursing?

Does the criminal justice system interest you? If you love health care and have a deep interest in the criminal justice system, forensic nursing may be the career path for you. What do these types of nurses do, and what job opportunities open up with an MSN in Forensic Nursing?  A forensic nurse is a … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With an MSN in Public Health?

Do you like to study and track health trends? Do disease processes interest you? Are you interested in public health on an even larger scale than traditional nursing? If so, public health nursing — and an MSN in Public Health — could be the path for you.  Public health nurses (PHN) focus on entire populations, … Keep Reading

Public Health Nursing Shortage

The Public Health Nurse Shortage and COVID-19 Public health nurses — PHNs — like Director of Shelby County TN Health Department, Alisa Haushalter, are currently working 15-to-18-hour days responding to the threat of the novel coronavirus pandemic.  In Norwich, CT, PHN Susan Dubb is the only PHN in the Uncas Health District, which serves over … Keep Reading

Is It Time To Make A Nursing Career Change?

Friend of Aspen, Sarah Jividen from Mother Nurse Love, shares 5 main reasons why it might be time for nursing career change and tips for transitioning into a different nursing career path.  The first few years of working as a nurse are equal parts challenging and exhilarating. After countless tests, papers, and simulation labs, you … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Wanda J. Earned Her MSN in Public Health

Please enjoy this personal essay from Wanda Jamison, who graduated from Aspen in 2020 with an MSN in Public Health. Her educational journey has brought many fascinating learning activities and meaningful hands-on experiences. Imagine a world without any goals or aspirations for the future in order to move forward.  Imagine a world without any accomplishments … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With an MSN In Nursing Administration?

As a continuation of our MSN in Administration and Management series, experienced nurse administrator and author, Maureen Bonatch answers the question “What can you do with an MSN in Nursing Administration?”   The physical demands of years of working as a floor nurse influenced my decision to return to school. I wanted to work toward … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight Brandy K. RN to MSN: “Moving Mountains”

Country song “Prayed for You” by Matt Stell reminds Brandy of her RN to MSN journey every time she hears it on the radio. For Brandy, no mountain is ever too big.  Obtaining a graduate degree means many different things to everyone. Our own backgrounds, perceptions, and experiences influence how we may feel about our … Keep Reading

Nurses Guide to Magnet Hospitals

In 1993, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) announced it’s Magnet Hospital Recognition Program for Excellence in Nursing Services program. The American Nurses Association and the ANCC recognize Magnet hospitals as those who create and sustain a culture of excellence. In 1997, the program became known as The Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program. But what … Keep Reading