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Graduate Support in the Virtual Library

*Note: The information presented in this webinar is specific to Aspen University and United States University. Our guest, Samantha Sinanan, is a member of Aspen University’s team of virtual librarians who are passionate about teaching information literacy and research skills that students can carry through their academic careers and beyond.  Overview:  Library Databases – Best … Keep Reading

Building a Supportive Network, with Dr. Donald Dunn

Dr. Dunn has spent over three decades as a consultant, advising on topics such as change management, policies, procedures, and systems. He is a full-time faculty professor at Aspen University, where he has taught for over 16 years. Dr. Dunn has a keen interest in doctoral students and leadership development, where he hopes to leave … Keep Reading

Feedback: The Currency of Success, with Dr. Eva Ballard

With over ten years of researching virtual and online communication and feedback, Dr. Ballard has become a feedback pro and enthusiast. Dr. Ballard wants you to know that feedback can be pretty valuable. After all, you give and receive feedback in just about every aspect of your life: in your relationships with friends and family … Keep Reading

Attack Your Day! Before it Attacks You with Mark Woods – 5 Skills To Master To Get The Most Out Of Your Day

For over two decades, Mark has discussed and consulted with leaders and organizations on productivity, workflow management, strategy, work-life integration, and business development. He is the author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You. Academic leader, and our host, Dr. Heather Frederick, began implementing Woods’ methods across her practice, and they have helped her … Keep Reading

Unleash Your Genius: Better Dissertations and Doctoral Projects in Less Time with Less Stress

Academic leader and podcast host Heather Frederick, Ph.D., believes a happy doctoral student doesn’t need to be an oxymoron. For over 20 years, Dr. Frederick has worked in doctorate programs teaching courses, mentoring student research, and training faculty. Her passion centers around the delivery and experience of graduate education.  This episode of Unleash Your Genius … Keep Reading