Float Pool Nurse: A Comprehensive Guide to Floating

If you’re a nurse looking for new opportunities to optimize your work-life balance, consider becoming a float pool nurse. Float pool nurses are in high demand due to the current nursing shortage. They can enjoy many benefits, such as flexible scheduling, competitive salaries, and diverse work environments that allow for continuous learning and career growth. … Keep Reading

Compact Nursing States: 2023 Updated Guide for RNs

What are compact nursing states and what do they offer nurses? Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states allow nurses to have one license that is valid in multiple states. This allows nurses to work in more than one state, as they only need to meet the requirements of their home state. Compact nursing states also offer … Keep Reading

Travel Nursing Housing: The 11 Best Websites & Tips

Want to go back to the basics? Our essential guide on travel nursing covers everything you need to know when considering this career. Agency-Provided Housing The most common type of housing for travel nurses is agency-provided housing. The travel nursing agency typically arranges this type of housing, and the nurse pays a weekly rate that … Keep Reading

Travel Nursing Salary – How Much Does a Travel Nurse Make?

Table of contents: What is a travel nurse? How much does a travel nurse make? Travel nurse salary by state – highest to lowest Chart: Alphabetical travel nurse salary by state with monthly, weekly, and hourly breakdown What other benefits will I receive as a travel nurse? How to boost your travel nurse salary What … Keep Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Travel Nursing

Have you ever considered a travel nursing job? Travel nursing is a great way to see different parts of the country (or even the world), meet new people, and gain new experiences. But what exactly is travel nursing? And what are the different types of travel nursing jobs? Let’s take a closer look. What Is … Keep Reading

Common Nursing Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you’re a nurse who is preparing to interview for a new nursing job in 2023, you’ll want to be prepared for the most common interview questions. In this blog post, we’re breaking down the most common nursing interview questions and how to answer them. We hope that this information will help you prepare for … Keep Reading

Why Become a Nurse: 7 Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? If so, you’re not alone. The role has risen in popularity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and there are no signs of it slowing. Surveys show that, despite the pandemic, nursing school admissions have grown by almost 6% since 2020. So, if you’re here, you’re likely … Keep Reading

What Can You Do With a DNP Degree?

With so many options for nursing education, one of the highest degrees a nurse can pursue is a Doctor of Nursing Practice. The demand for DNP-prepared nurses has increased exponentially in the past decade. But what are the next steps after you’ve obtained the terminal degree? What can you do with a DNP degree? What … Keep Reading

Four High-Demand Nursing Jobs and Specialties for 2022

As we enter the second full year of the pandemic, the healthcare industry continues to evolve in response to COVID-19—with the need for more nurses growing every day. Even before the pandemic, the employment of registered nurses was projected to grow faster than any other profession over the next decade. But with these sweeping healthcare … Keep Reading

DNP vs. Ph.D. in Nursing: What’s the Difference?

As more nurses prepare to further their careers and advance their education, the choice between a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D. in Nursing) degree can be overwhelming. While they’re both terminal degrees, the DNP and Ph.D. are two very different pathways in nursing. Because each degree has … Keep Reading