Learn how Aspen University is responding to COVID-19.

With the onset of COVID-19, many of our neighbors have lost their jobs, health, and families. Many struggle to just get by day to day. What can we do?

Aspen Cares started to research local organizations to find who work with our local Phoenix community. We sought to find a smaller organization that shelters, feeds, advises, cares for, and helps people find employment. We found a great organization called Human Services Campus (HSC) based in Phoenix, AZ.

HSC’s Impact on Homeless Population in Maricopa County Past 12 Months

  • 6530 homeless served
  • 733 individuals connected to permanent housing
  • 488 diverted from becoming homeless

In October, Aspen came together to collect over $1,500 worth of food, water, and Covid-19 supplies. We also donated $1,391.35 directly to the Human Services Campus through our GoFundMe page. Lastly, we had one of our leaders spend the last four weeks working day and night to hand make 155 masks. This event far exceeded everyone’s expectations. 

AGI Cares believes we can be that light in our community that spreads hope community wide. Thank you to all who help make our community that much stronger.


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