My Favorite Aspen Course in 2018

My favorite Aspen university course

We asked some Aspen students, “What is your favorite Aspen course and why?” Below are just a few of the many responses we received.

“Community Nursing 1 because it pertained to the field I’m working in. Majority of the class was about older adult health care. The clinic I work at sees retired firemen and policemen and their spouses.”
Degree Program: RN to BSN

“Communications 100. It’s been my first class completed, and I thought it was a great entry class to get started. It taught me a lot of great time management and study habits.”
Degree Program: BA in Psychology and Addiction Counselling

“Transcultural Health Care was my favorite course, though I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve taken so far. This course brought to light so many different cultures’ traditions, which helped to further foster my understanding of patients’ rationale for adhering to certain practices or choosing noncompliance.”
Degree Program: MSN in Public Health

“I would have to to say MGT500-Management. I am currently pursuing an MBA, and that course has been my favorite thus far. The instructor was great, and I enjoyed exploring current issues in management and understanding how successful organizations operate. I feel this course is essential to any MBA program.”
Degree Program: MBA in Project Management

“Healthcare Informatics. For almost all of my work experience in the healthcare field, I have been in leadership or administrative roles; the future for me is NOT bedside, and this course shows the possibilities of the future and furthering my contributions to the field of nursing.”
Degree Program: RN to BSN

“MED725 Classroom Environment and Management! It was so informative! I was able to take a lot of useful procedures, mini-lessons, and management tips directly into the classroom immediately after I read a chapter! It’s a must-take course for anyone wanting to teach in the classroom!”
Degree Program: MEd in Transformational Leadership

“My favorite course is the one I am currently taking now, N588 Nursing Practicum because it allows me to use the skills and knowledge that I have gained as a new nurse educator and apply it to real-life situations. The project that I will be working on during this semester will consist of a topic that is important to nursing, as well as the future of nursing. As a new nurse educator, it is important for me to feel like I am making a difference in any way I possibly can, whether it be clinically or in the education setting. Aspen University has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the profession that I am so passionate about.”
Degree Program: RN-MSN in Nursing Education

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