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5 Reasons Nurses Go Back to School for an MSN

MSN class of nurses

An MSN program (Master of Science in Nursing) is a fantastic opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge while becoming specialized in a particular field of medicine. According to the Nurse Journal and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current annual job growth outlook for nurses with MSN degrees is increasing at a rate of 26%, while for RN’s it is growing 15%. What role will you play in the growth of your industry?

Here are 5 reasons why nurses go back to school for an MSN degree:

1. To Become a Nursing Educator

The nursing educator teaches general nursing or specialty courses in nursing school, clinical settings, technical schools, and teaching hospitals. Nursing educators are responsible for designing, implementing, evaluating, and revising educational programs for nurses.

2. To Become a Nursing Administrator / Manager

The nurse manager provides guidance and coaching to nurses on their staff and ensures that operations within the unit run smoothly. Nurse managers keep the unit or department working as a high-functioning team to provide the highest level of care for patients.

3. To Become a Forensic Nurse

Forensic nursing is a unique specialty in that the job entails providing treatment to victims of crime, abuse, or neglect. Forensic nurses gather evidence to support law enforcement or to be used in expert testimony.

4. To Become an Informatics Nurse

Tech-savvy nurses are in demand! Informatics nurses build the process of integrating technology into hospitals, educate staff about their capabilities, and inform patients on how these devices will help them to receive the best care.

5. To Become a Public Health Nurse

Public health nurses are prepared to meet the health needs of diverse populations. Public health nurses may find employment in public health, home health, hospice and palliative care, school nursing, or case management.

If you’re interested in pursuing any of these nursing specialties, Aspen University offers MSN specializations in all of the above areas.