How Hard Is It To Get Into Nursing School? An Overview

​​If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a registered nurse, you may have a particular question for the nursing school application process: So, just how hard is it to get into nursing school, anyway? While this common question has one short answer (yes, of course, it’s not easy), there are nuances that are important to know … Keep Reading

In Conversation: Dr. Kameko McGuire on Mental Health Awareness for BIPOC Nurses and Communities

Amid the pandemic, the mental health of healthcare professionals has been a great concern. The loss of patients and coworkers accompanied by long and stressful work hours and staffing issues exacerbates physical and mental exhaustion. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) healthcare professionals are underrepresented and disproportionately affected.  With the complicated state of race … Keep Reading