Learn how Aspen University is responding to COVID-19.

Alumni Spotlight: Shelby C. from Aspen’s First BSN Pre-Licensure Cohort

Please enjoy this personal essay from Shelby Custer, who will graduate from Aspen University’s first BSN Pre-licensure cohort in July 2020. Shelby is this year’s Vice President of Student Nurses of Association of Arizona. She is excited to take on this role with such an enthusiastic board. She is in her second year of serving … Keep Reading

16 Ways To Support Nurses During COVID-19

Many healthcare workers (and others) are feeling increased levels of stress amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.  During this challenging time, it is more important than ever to show support for our frontline healthcare workers. Fortunately, with all the destruction that COVID-19 has carried in its wake, the virus is also showing us how supportive our … Keep Reading

Tips For a Mom’s First Year Out Of Nursing School

Please enjoy this guest post from Sarah Jividen of Mother Nurse Love:   Are you almost done with nursing school? Your first year out of nursing school will be an exciting one! You will finally be in charge of your own patient assignments, with exciting opportunities to utilize your clinical and hands-on nursing skillset.  But there … Keep Reading

Overcoming Communication Hurdles in Nursing and Healthcare

Please enjoy this guest post from Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC of Nurse Keith:  Communication in nursing, medicine, and healthcare aren’t necessarily rocket science. Still, based on the roadblocks and speed bumps that lack of communication skills can cause, you would not be remiss in thinking that landing a rocket on Mars may seem like … Keep Reading

What Nurses Can Expect When Returning To School

Please enjoy this guest post from Sarah Jividen of Mother Nurse Love: Attending nursing school, whether it be as an aspiring RN or returning to school after working for years, can be intimidating or even downright scary.   The good news is that with the nursing school program options available today, advancing your education has never … Keep Reading