Alumni Spotlight: Rene, DNP, “The Journey Was Worth Every Late Night”

Today, we’re sharing Rene’s story.  Rene graduated from Aspen’s RN-MSN program in 2020 and Aspen’s DNP program in 2023.  Rene kept striving to reach her educational and professional goals, despite dealing with illness.  Keep reading to learn more about Rene’s journey through her master’s and doctoral degrees.   “I graduated with my Associate Degree in … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Zahid, DSCS, “We are Catalysts to Ignite Change”

As we begin 2024, Aspen is celebrating the many accomplishments of our students.  Finishing a doctoral program is an amazing accomplishment!  Zahid Malik graduated with his Doctor of Science in Computer Science degree in March 2023 and was Aspen’s 2023 Dissertation of the Year award winner.  Zahid spoke at Aspen’s 2023 Commencement Ceremony this past … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Erin, MSN, “I Plan to Continue Learning and Growing”

Today, we’re featuring one of Aspen’s MSN alumni, Erin Torp.  Erin graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing program with a specialization in Nursing Education.  Erin was able to use her MSN Nursing Education degree to launch a career educating future nurses.  Keep reading to experience Erin’s journey.     “I grew up in … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Edwina, BSN, “You Can Accomplish Your Dreams”

Today, we’re spotlighting a student journey that reminds us to never stop working toward our goals. Edwina began her BSN journey when she was 76 years young. Edwina was inspired to go back to school during the pandemic so that she could help others. Keep reading to hear Edwina’s story.   “The author C.S. Lewis … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer, DNP, “That Just Added Fuel to My Dedication”

Today, we’re sharing Jennifer’s story.  Jennifer graduated from Aspen’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program in November 2022.  Jennifer’s journey to earning her doctoral demonstrates the hard work and support of others that are crucial to earning a doctoral degree.   “As I reflect on my educational journey, the name Dr. Jennifer R. Law, DNP, RN, … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Patricia, DNP, “Go for the Gold”

Today, we’re sharing Patricia Reeves’ nursing journey.  Patricia graduated from Aspen University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program in January 2023, following her passion for education and sharing knowledge.  Keep reading for Patricia’s story.   “Nursing was my first love since. At age five, while playing with matches, I survived third-degree burns and was hospitalized for … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Christa, DNP, “This is my passion”

Today, we’re sharing Christa Cleveland’s story.  Christa has a passion for education and used Aspen’s MSN Nursing Education and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees to springboard her into the next phase of her career.  Let’s jump in.   “To say I knew my path upon graduating high school would be a lie. I knew I … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Michael, DNP, “Transcend Traditional Boundaries”

Today, we’re sharing Michael Gyekye’s story.  Michael attended Aspen University both for his MSN Nursing Education degree and his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which he completed in August 2022.  Michael’s journey shows that you can overcome obstacles, including distance, throughout your educational journey.  Keep reading for Michael’s story.   “Education serves as a transformative … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Marina, MSN, “An Educational Path is Not Always Linear”

Today, we’re sharing Marina Jelen’s story.  Marina is a recent graduate of Aspen University’s MSN Administration and Management program, who overcame her fears and showed that it’s never too late to keep learning. Marina is a mother, an immigrant, and learned English as a second language. Here is her story.   “By the time you … Keep Reading