INSIDE: EDD830 Leadership Theory

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Title of course: EDD830: Leadership Theory


The emphasis of this course is on leadership with the focus on the application of leadership concepts and skills. 

The course begins with an exploration of leadership development and managerial leadership skills, including character traits, behavior, and motivation of an effective leader. Students will then investigate the differences between leadership theories and models and conclude with an analysis of strategic leadership and change management.

Students gain knowledge and skills for a plethora of theoretical paradigms and models which can be used to influence others towards positive and lasting change. Working with teams and dealing with the politics and power within an organization are also examined in depth.

Students will have the opportunity to interview a leader within his/her organization to explore the factors related to the influence of power, politics, networking, and negotiation in the organization. They will also create a needs assessment designed to gather employee feedback on resistance to change, communication issues, and crisis management at the organization as well as develop a plan of action to improve the state of affairs and address the assessed needs.

Required Books

Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development by Robert N. Lussier and Christopher F. Achuaby uses a unique three-pronged approach to teach leadership concepts and theory. The authors combine traditional theory with cutting-edge leadership topics in a concise presentation packed with real-world examples. The text puts students in the leadership role, engaging them in applying the concepts and providing step-by-step behavior models for effectively handling leadership functions.


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