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The 50/10 Rule: Make Your Study Break Count

Books and Coffee

Study fatigue — mental tiredness leading to lower focus levels — can be tough to manage!

You can keep yourself on track, using the 50/10 Rule. What is the 50/10 Rule? For every 50 minutes spent focusing on studying or working, allow yourself a 10-minute break.

Building in a 10-minute break into every hour will help you avoid burning out, cut down on distractions, help you digest new information, and will typically help you be more productive during designated work time.

Give it a try! There are so many things that you can do in 10 minutes!

If you’re feeling productive:

  •      Pay some bills!
  •      Start a load of laundry
  •      Do the dishes
  •      Prep a meal or snack
  •      Respond to personal emails

If you’re feeling energetic:

  •      Take the dog for a walk
  •      Do yoga or meditate
  •      Call a friend
  •      Do an ab circuit – planks anyone?

If you’re feeling tired:

  •      Do some stretches
  •      Make yourself a healthy snack
  •      Make a fresh pot of coffee or tea
  •      Listen — or dance — to your favorite song