Alumni Spotlight: Wanda J. Earned Her MSN in Public Health

aspen alumni spotlight

Please enjoy this personal essay from Wanda Jamison, who graduated from Aspen in 2020 with an MSN in Public Health. Her educational journey has brought many fascinating learning activities and meaningful hands-on experiences.

Imagine a world without any goals or aspirations for the future in order to move forward. 

Imagine a world without any accomplishments within our lives, which depletes any success stories to share with family and friends. Without any motivation for the future, there would be no professional careers or no opportunity to choose between a variety of ongoing education. 

Chostner (2019), quoted, “We can change the issues in the world around us or create inventions that can make our daily lives more innovative.” 

My Unique Educational Journey 

Thinking back to when I was younger, I never thought my career would take me into the role of being a registered nurse with a Master’s degree in nursing, specializing in public health. I began my journey with Aspen’s University to earn a Master’s degree in nursing, specializing in Forensics; however, I decided to change my specialization when I was offered a position in Home-Based Primary Care through the Department of Veteran Affairs

My motivation for a career in nursing began after I gave birth to my third child because medical knowledge was necessary due to special circumstances two of my children were living with. I started my nursing career as a Licensed Practical Nurse through Ivy Tech Community College in 2004. Due to the restrictions in which a Licensed Practical was allowed to perform, I decided to gain my Associate’s degree and earned my Registered Nurse license in 2010. I knew there was more to learn about nursing; therefore, I decided to study through Indiana Wesleyan, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2012. The years have passed quickly, and I continue to find the study of nursing amazing as I embrace the year 2020, where I have earned an MSN.

Aspen University’s Assistance with Academic Goals 

Aspen University’s instructors and guidance counselors have helped me achieve my academic goals by offering feedback on my course study progress either by phone or e-mail. 

Communication was always available for me when I needed to clarify an assignment or if I had a question about the course syllabus. Dyck and Myoung (2018) speak about the importance of clinical reasoning and critical thinking for nursing students, which has become essential for successful patient care outcomes. Through the courses provided through Aspen University, everyone is able to develop a level of higher reasoning. 

Developing New Career Goals in Nursing 

Since I have completed my MSN in Public Health, I plan on reaching out within the Department of Veteran Affairs to work in a pain clinic. 

There are a plethora of individuals who seek relief from their chronic pain, and their pain medications are no longer effective. Many veterans suffer both mentally and physically from their daily experiences of pain. My mission is to work with the pain clinic team to develop alternative methods for relieving chronic pain and bringing back quality of life. 

Words of Wisdom for Fellow Graduates 

Always be the best you can be without being intimidated by others. Do not allow fear to be a barrier while you work towards your goals of success; instead, acknowledge fear is a normal emotion that does not control a person unless one allows the fear to inhibit their motivational drive. Bhola (2019), quoted, “It is essential to learn the truth about the appearances of life and the world if we want to get rid of the fears along with the emotional miseries because life has many illusions and the opposite of an illusion is reality.” 

Go here to learn more about our MSN in Public Health or RN to MSN in Public Health

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