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Alumni Spotlight: Mary A., MEd Technology, Growing the Paramedic Network

Aspen alumna, Mary A. — a 2017 graduate of Aspen’s Master of Education program — knows that the future of academia lies online. Mary started her career in critical care transport nursing, paramedicine, and education. She saw a need for educational specialists within the field of paramedicine.

“I wanted to assist practitioners with their educational needs. I wanted to design a platform to educate paramedics, but I needed the expertise.”

Mary was enrolled at Aspen’s Master of Science in Nursing program when she discovered Aspen’s Master in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology program and changed her degree right away.

“I was immediately drawn to the program course list. It was perfect!”

Aspen’s MEd program focuses on the role of technology in curriculum development which helped Mary actualize her vision of creating an online platform where paramedics can collaborate, communicate, and educate.

The program teaches fundamental courses such as Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education and Research on Effective Teaching with education technology-specific courses such as Multimedia for Educators and Emerging Technologies.

“The courses at Aspen met my needs. I learned instructional design, multimedia, emerging technologies.”

As part of her Capstone project and under the guidance of her professors, she started an initiative in critical care education known as the Paramedic Network. The Paramedic Network seeks to be an accreditation body for community paramedicine and critical care transport curriculum(s), management, and technology oversight.

Mary credits her incredible professors at Aspen University. “Everyone was great. They were receptive to my ideas, positive and responded to my needs. Communication never faltered, and professors were available to answer my questions.”

Since graduating, Mary had dedicated her time to growing The Paramedic Network, and she has already forged partnerships with multiple higher education institutions.

“I can say that [attending Aspen University] was the best decision I have ever made for my career and continuing professional development.”