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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Student Orientation?

The New Student Orientation course is designed to help orient you to the Aspen University online classroom. You will gain access to the New Student Orientation classroom once you’ve registered for your first course.

Your orientation will consist of two parts; the self-guided portion and a one-on-one phone call with your academic advisor. You will schedule the one-on-one phone call through your Student Portal. Before your Orientation phone call, please log into the classroom and select New Student Orientation to complete the self-guided Orientation.

During the one-on-one phone call, your Academic Advisor will answer any questions you have as well as complete your one-on-one portion of the orientation. The Orientation call is a great time to discuss any questions that you have about your program including questions about classroom navigation. We have found that students that complete an Orientation prior to starting their first course tend to be much more successful in their program. By the end of the orientation, you should feel completely comfortable taking an online course.

How do I complete the self-guided portion of my New Student Orientation?

To complete the self-guided part of the New Student Orientation, first log into the classroom website. Once logged in, select New Student Orientation – NSO located under My Courses section. After that, follow the instructions which will guide you through each step.

How do I complete the one-on-one phone call for my New Student Orientation?

An academic advisor will call you at the time that you scheduled in your Student Portal. To finish the orientation phone call, you will need to be at a computer and logged into the New Student Orientation classroom. The phone call can take approximately 30 minutes.

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