RN to MSN Bridge Program - Nursing Education

Class Requirements:

  • Total Courses: 19
  • Total Credits: 57

Course List:

N490 - Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing
N491 - Concepts and Theories in Nursing
N492 - Community Health Nursing I
N493 - Community Health Nursing II
N494 - Essentials of Nursing Research
N495 - Health Assessment
N496 - Nursing Leadership and Management
Bridge Proctored Exam
N502 - Health Care Systems
N507 - Theoretical Foundations
N512 - Diverse Populations & Health Care
N517 - Research Design
N520 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
N555 - Advanced Pathophysiology A
N556 - Advanced Pathophysiology B
N580 - Issues in Nursing Education
N582 - Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education
N584 - Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation
N586 - Nursing Education Practicum
N599 - Nursing Capstone
MSN Comprehensive Proctored Exam