Master of Science in Information Systems - Web Development

Master of Science in Information Systems - Web Development Overview

Most all business and a growing faction of all other human endeavors use if not depend upon Information Systems to implement critical aspects of their Knowledge Management process. Understanding the information management needs of a client is just the starting point. There are so many potential solutions, each with a unique cost / benefit trade-offs and consequence profiles, it is impossible to assert that one solution or another is optimal, even if all of the requirements were fully known and understood. Aspen’s Master of Science in Information Systems programs are designed to provide computing professionals the knowledge and skills required to be effective individual and team contributors to all aspects of the information systems lifecycle from business needs and requirements, through acquisition and development, to deployment, installation, test, and operations, with a focus on development.

The Web Development specialization is designed to provide the professional with an array of online and cloud-based solution skills appropriate for the full range of commonly used web sites and web applications.

These programs are designed for learners with a technical bachelor’s degree (in some computing discipline, engineering, mathematics, or statistics) or any bachelor’s degree and at least two years of professional experience in the proposed area of study.

Master of Science in Information Systems - Web Development Specialization

Students who complete the Master of Information Systems degree with a specialization in Web Development graduate with a solid foundation in essential areas of database design and project management as well as the technical skills central to careers in web programming and design.

Students pursuing the master’s degree with a specialization in Web Development follow a customized study track that modifies the program’s core curriculum, which includes Management of Information Systems, e-Business, and Website Development with HTML and JavaScript, to incorporate web development-specific classes on topics such as ASP.NET Programming; PHP Programming Perl; and Programming and CGI Scripting.

In addition to helping students build a targeted set of skills through traditional course work, prior to graduation students will complete an individualized project that will allow them to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to create an integrated, sophisticated project that is suitable for inclusion in their portfolio.

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