Master in Business Administration

Master in Business Administration Overview

Aspen University's innovative Master of Business Administration program builds solid career foundations for adult learners. Perfect for students who already have some experience in the business world and are ready to take their professional game to the next level, our graduates gain the essential skills to succeed as well-rounded business professionals.

Our program takes students beyond passive "sage on the stage" lectures, encouraging students to actively apply cutting-edge business practices to real world organizational challenges. Our core courses focus on proven best practices in areas like marketing, finance, strategy, accounting and supply chain management. Students also hone their competitive edge by gaining real world organizational skills in team collaboration, conflict management, process improvement and technology deployment. Fundamental courses on topics such as Business Finance and Organizational Behavior are paired with cutting edge coursework covering issues related to e-Business and Business Ethics. Additionally, the Capstone Course is designed to promote the most essential assets of learning integration, synthesis and skills in change management and leadership.

Many students pursue Aspen's online MBA program to follow their entrepreneurial ambitions or to attain executive jobs and prestigious leadership positions in fields including finance, marketing, and information management; they frequently work as business executives and managers.

MBA Specializations

Aspen University's MBA degree program offers three areas of specialization so that students have the power to personalize their degree by focusing on the areas that best match their individual education and career goals. Students must choose from the following areas of specialization:

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Tuition Rates

  • $975 per Course
  • 12 Courses

  • $11,700 Tuition + Fees

Pay $325 per Month

Each month you'll make just one payment of $325, which we'll apply towards your tuition and fees. Your first payment is due on the first day of class and you'll be charged on the same day each month after that.