Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning - Higher Education Leadership

Admission Requirements

  • Application - A completed application.
  • Resume - A resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Statement of Goals - A statement of your goals reflecting the academic, professional, and personal goals you would like to achieve through your work with Aspen University. Your goals statement will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee as part of the application process. The statement of goals should be between 300 - 500 words.
  • Master's Degree Transcripts - Official transcript demonstrating a conferred master's degree from an institution that is accredited by a CHEA recognized accrediting body or an international equivalent, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • Military Documentation (Optional) - A copy of the most recent orders; or a copy of DD214 (This can be requested from the National Archives.)

Tuition Rates

  • $27,000 Tuition
  • $ 2,900 Fees

  • $29,900 Tuition & Fees
  • (Excludes textbooks.)

Pay $375 per Month

Each month you'll make just one payment of $375, which we'll apply towards your tuition and fees. Your first payment is due on the first day of class and you'll be charged on the same day each month after that.

Starting on October 1st, students who enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan will be offered payments of $300 per month for bachelor's degree programs and $350 per month for master's degree programs. Students who enrolled in a Monthly Payment Plan prior to October 1st are unaffected by this change.
Students enrolled in the Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (Pre-licensure) program are not eligible for the Monthly Payment Plan at this time.