Certificate in Project Management

Certificate - Project Management Overview

Aspen University's Certificate in Project Management program presents systematic approaches and provides the practical tools and skills for planning, organizing, regulating, and leading projects to successful completion. Each participant produces a project plan as part of the course requirements. Participants are encouraged to use projects they are currently working on in their professional lives to complete their course requirements.

The Certificate program introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of scope, time management, human resource planning, and project communications. It builds skills for strategic project planning, initiation, regulation, and modification and in the tools and techniques used to effectively manage the organizational and operational aspects of project management. The program presents project initiation concepts including product description, strategic planning, project selection criteria, project management leadership, project staffing, staff acquisition and evaluation, and other human resource management fundamentals. The program introduces the concepts of work breakdown structure, activities duration estimation, various diagramming methodologies such as PERT and CPM, and other time management tools. Successful participants will be equipped with tools and techniques for effective communication and information management within the scope of project management and can demonstrate the ability to apply new skills and knowledge to planning real business projects.

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