FAQs for the Capstone Course

How long does the capstone take?

The Capstone course is the same length as all the other courses you have taken at Aspen (8 weeks).

Does it have weekly assignment submissions like other classes?

Yes, the Capstone is structured like every course you have taken at Aspen.

Approximately how much will I have write?

This is unpredictable, because everyone’s project is different. However, a final submission is due at the end of the Capstone course, and the page count will vary depending on the program and project. You will also complete weekly assignments, such as discussion postings.

Will I have an instructor, and who will it be?

Yes, like every course at Aspen you will have an instructor and you will find out who the instructor is several days before the course starts.

Can I take the capstone concurrently with another class?

Check with your academic advisor for more information about your specific program.

Is this a graded class that will impact my GPA?

Yes, like every course at Aspen it is graded.

How will I choose my topic?

Your instructor and the course assignments will guide you through this step.

Can/should I start on the project early?

No, and you must complete all courses and Practicum course(s) before enrollment in the Capstone course. Check with your academic advisor for additional information.