Admission Requirements

Each degree program at Aspen University has specific admission requirements. We recommend that you start by selecting the degree program you are interested in and then review the admission requirements for that program. On each of our degree pages, we have a section dedicated to the admission requirements.

International Students

Aspen University has students from all across the world. Our online courses make it easy to earn your degree from any location. If you live outside of the United States there are specific admission requirements. The international students section contains the requirements for international students.

Transfer Credits

Aspen University welcomes students that have earned college credits from other institutions. During the application process students can provide us with the credits they would like to transfer. Please visit the transfer credits section to learn more about the process.

University Policies

Aspen University students and faculty are held to the highest academic and professional standards. The University Policies section covers many of the Aspen University rules and regulations.