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A scholarship can make tuition even more affordable.

See how you can qualify and apply.

Providing responsibly-priced tuition and payment options is a priority at Aspen University. Our scholarships and grants are one way we demonstrate our commitment to affordable education. These programs recognize and reward student excellence and the potential for excellence. We encourage all newly admitted and continuing students to see if they qualify.

  • These kinds of financial aid may take the form of federal grants or University scholarships/grants.
  • Opportunities are generally based on strong academic work and a commitment to public service.

Explore Aspen University scholarship and grant opportunities below.

Black Education Matters Scholarship

The Black Education Matters Scholarships award full tuition and fees for selected BSN Pre-Licensure students who self-identify as a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color, meet predetermined academic criteria, and demonstrate their dedication to social justice. Essay submission and supporting materials are required.

For full scholarship details, please visit: Black Education Matters Scholarship.

If you would like to be considered for Aspen scholarships and grants, please be sure to complete the required applications.

Any combination of scholarships and other awarded aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Submission of an application does not guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship.

Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

I have never applied for any scholarships before. Where should I start?

Click through the scholarships offered to learn more about how to apply. If you have any questions, please work with the Office of Student Finance by calling 800-373-7814 and selecting option 3. They will be able to guide you through the process.

Do I need to fill out a FAFSA to receive a scholarship?

It depends. Please visit the individual scholarship pages to view this requirement as it pertains to the scholarship offerings at Aspen University.

How will I receive my scholarship funds?

Aspen scholarships are awarded to cover tuition and fees and will be applied to the student’s account at the beginning of each term. Please work with the Office of Student Finance to determine eligibility.

What is covered by the scholarship? Does this include tuition, books, fees, and out of pocket expenses like a new laptop or housing costs?

Aspen scholarships are used for tuition and fees only.

Can I qualify for multiple scholarships?

Yes. Please work with the Office of Student Finance to determine eligibility.

Can I apply third party scholarships to my program?

Yes; however, it is your responsibility to meet any deadlines or requirements of third-party scholarships. Please work with the Office of Student Finance to assist you in third-party/external scholarships.

There are many scholarships that are offered and available. How do I know it’s not a scam?

Never provide your personal information to a third-party/external scholarship program until you have validated the source of the scholarship. Most third-party/external scholarship programs will need information from the Office of Student Finance, in order to process the scholarship.

I am a previous student of Aspen University, can I apply for a scholarship designated for new students?

Scholarships are offered throughout a program. Please work with the Office of Student Finance to determine eligibility.

I emailed pl.scholarships@aspen.edu and have not received a response. Who can I contact via phone?

Please contact the Office of Student Finance by calling 800-373-7814 and selecting option 3.

Aspen remains committed to your success throughout your academic journey. Learn more about our affordable payment methods, including the Monthly Payment Plan, Financial Aid, and tuition rates after military discounts.