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You’ve decided you want to be a nurse.

For as long as you can remember, you have dreamed about caring for others. Perhaps a family member was a nurse? The sight of blood doesn’t even phase you.

There’s only one problem. You didn’t pass high school science. Are your dreams of becoming a nurse over?

Short answer – no! Here’s why.

High school isn’t the ultimate test.

Yes, high school is important, but ultimately, it is not the final decider of your life. We grow into adulthood at a different pace from one another. Poor grades may earn a rejection letter from some universities, but a community college is also an option.

If you have community college credits, many universities will view those transcripts over your high school ones. For example, Aspen University allows you to forgo sending your high school transcripts if you have earned over 15 community college credits.

Nursing science is different from high school science.

Whether you struggled to keep your eyes open during biology class or had other priorities during your time in high school, many individuals are surprised by how much they love science once they start their nursing prerequisite courses.

Learning about the human body, such as how bacteria works in the gut or the contribution of genetics to disease, might get you excited about science. You aren’t just learning anatomy; you discover ways to care for your patients. What you learn in these classes could save someone’s life.

Don’t let your past stop you from pursuing your dream.

Whether you always wanted to be a nurse or decided to change your career later in life, if you have a passion for nursing, then the knowledge side of nursing can be acquired. With the right teachers and support, you will be prepared to fulfill your calling.


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