Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Overview

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree is ideal both for students seeking a graduate degree to prepare them for a career in a law enforcement related field and for seasoned professionals interested in pursuing an education that will help take their careers to the next level. Criminal justice students are given the advanced training needed to succeed in leadership and management roles in a variety of environments including courts, corrections, parole and probation systems, and law enforcement.

Aspen University’s Master's in Criminal Justice degree offers students a comprehensive education in all facets of criminal justice, from behavioral science to criminal investigation to the justice system, in order to ensure that they are prepared to excel in their chosen field. Advanced training such as this may also play a key role for those interested in attaining top-level positions in state police or at federal law enforcement agencies.

If you are a member of the New York Police Department, you are also eligible to take the NYPD Captain Classes.


Aspen University students may choose to pursue a standard Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree or to customize their degree to better suit their career goals by specializing in one of the following areas:

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Tuition Rates

  • $11,700 Tuition
  • $ 1,020 Fees

  • $12,720 Tuition & Fees
  • (Excludes textbooks.)

Pay $325 per Month

Each month you'll make just one payment of $325, which we'll apply towards your tuition and fees. Your first payment is due on the first day of class and you'll be charged on the same day each month after that.