Aspen University's Mission Statement:

Aspen University uses its Annual Alumni Survey as a measurement to determine if our alumni are achieving a return on their education investment following earning a degree at Aspen University. This year’s Annual Alumni Survey was conducted by Research Strategy Group International.

Return on Investment

Aspen has developed a unique formula to measure if it has achieved its mission statement among its alumni.

Return on
Incremental Compensation
Earned Since Graduation
Total Program Cost

2016 Survey ROI

5+ Years
150% ROI

Aspen University's ROI Goal is for graduates to earn a minimum of 150% ROI within 5 years or more of graduation.


Aspen University alumni that graduated more than five years ago are earning on average a reported 216% Return on Investment.


Aspen University graduates report earning on average $29,186 of incremental compensation* since graduation.

What Do Aspen Students Think?


95% of Aspen alumni would recommend Aspen University to a friend.


97% of Aspen alumni are satisfied with their Aspen University experience.


93% of Aspen alumni responded that they achieved the goals they had set when they started their degree program.

About the 2016 Alumni Survey

Return on Investment We believe that our students should earn a return on their education investment. Because of that, we compare the Incremental Compensation Earned Since Graduation to the Total Program Cost using the current year's tuition. We use the current year's Total Program Cost, because we believe that this is the most accurate indicator for our prospective students.

Incremental Compensation Earned Since Graduation Our alumni provide us with a range of how much additional compensation they have earned since graduation, compared to what they were earning prior to graduation. We use the midpoint of the range to calculate the incremental compensation.

Total Program Cost We calculate the Total Program Cost using the current year's tuition rates, fees and a best estimate for the cost of textbooks.